About Us

ZoeCast.com is a proud member of the Zoe Networks, Inc. family. We are a Texas based company that has been specializing in media hosting around the globe since 2002. Our approach to business is very different than our competitors, we believe in treating all of our clients with respect and providing the highs level of service to them. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in their internet broadcasting endeavors.

Our priority is providing fast, reliable, high-quality hosting. We also provide Quality of Service Networking for better service to selected network traffic, over various technologies. If you host with us, you will have a robust, state-of-the-art monitored server in a secure Network Operations Center (NOC).

Being business owner’s ourselves, we are familiar with your specific concerns and offer web hosting plans that fit your needs. If you’re like most of our clients, your main concern is not with megabytes, pixels or HTML, but about serving your customers. You want the ability to take orders on-line securely, having a quick-loading professional website and a fast redundant network. These are just a few things we can offer your small business.

Find a plan to fit your needs. We support everyone from the terrestrial broadcaster, Internet webcaster to musician. We give you the ability to broadcast audio and video from your PC to listeners across the Internet. This could be as a DJ, establish an internet radio station or a musician trying to share your music with listeners anywhere, anytime, world-wide. Stream hosting can either be live or on demand. If you broadcast live this means you will be seen and heard real time. If you prefer your hosting via our on demand service you have the ability to archive files and listeners can tune in and listen “on demand”.

Whether you are independent or a business owner, we welcome the opportunity to work with you! Please contact us today to find how we can help you realize your goals and best meet your media hosting needs.