Streaming VPS Servers

At ZoeCast we think it is important to offer our large streaming customers a streaming deal that suits there needs, so we offer Our Streaming VPS servers that are hosted on KVM servers with high quality bandwidth. This will give you your own dedicated VPS server that is NOT shared with other streaming customers, so your streaming radio station will not be limited by available shared resources.

99.9% Up Time
24/7 Online Support
9/5 Phone support
2 Data centers
1 - US and 1 - UK
12 to 24 hour Setup

Our Streaming VPS Servers

About Our VPS Streaming servers, Your station will be hosted on your own dedicated VPS server and on High quality bandwidth. There is a 99.9% up time SLA compensation offered for downtime.

Each of our Streaming VPS servers come with the CentovaCast v3 control panel. This is the latest control panel on the market. Comes with Many features like, AutoDJ, Media Library, Detailed statistics and many more.

Sleep easy at night knowing that your station is in good hands with ZoeCast.


Shoutcast and Icecast VPS Server Plans

All Streaming vps servers have unlimited bit-rate and listeners, Bandwidth limit is based on plan. Centovacast V3 Streaming control panel is included for free (one stream license).

Dedicated Streaming VPS Server

Starting @ $16.95 /a month

Dedicated Streaming VPS Server are for large bandwidth hungry streams. Centovacast V3 Streaming control panel is included for free (one stream license).

  • Unlimited Listeners
  • Unlimited Bit rate
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Centovacast V3 streaming control panel
  • Auto DJ Included
  • FREE HTTPS/SSL streaming link
  • Website HTML5 Player
  • Unlimited mount points
  • US and UK Data Centers to choose from.

Want to test it first? No problem…

We offer a Shoutcast Streaming Service Demo, a complete 5 days for free. Test the bit-rates (quality) you can upstream with your internet connection and then decide. Yep, no trick! You will get exactly what you have tested before ordering! Click on the link “TRY OUR FREE DEMO” to place the order for your FREE demo!